Nancy Bryant - Fiber Art
Alta Vista Studio
1081 NW Taylor Avenue
Corvallis, OR  97330

Inspired to sew by my grandmother, a dressmaker, I made my first dress at age 9. Sewing has been a passion of mine ever since.

I spent 30 years teaching and directing the apparel design unde rgraduate and grad uate programs at Oregon State University, ending that career in September, 2004. Since 2004 I have been creating fiber art in my studio in Corvallis, Oregon.

Since 1988 I have enjoyed creating wearable art. After opening my studio, I have focused on developing a small group of vests and jackets i n a ready-to-wear size range.

The apparel group is augmented by a retail line of scarves: vintage kimono scarves and shawls, silk collage scarves, nuno (wool felted into a silk base), bias silk hand dyed scarves and hand knit scarves.

Creating art quilts is my other focus. I love to work with bright colors and strong value contrasts. Themes include leaves and trees, geometrics, and whimsical quilts.