Alice Ann Eberman - Acrylic & Collage

I’m primarily an abstract artist, working in a variety of mediums. Central to all my work are two qualities—fluidity and strength.


I often work in series of paintings. Among them, a series based on brain neurons, one on the structures within bones, and another on the foolish Trickster Coyote.

My current paintings are based on sketches from backpacking trips in the Oregon Cascades and the Wallowas, and from hiking in the Oregon Coast Range and around Corvallis.  Painting with palette knives let me get large and make the sharp edges necessary to represent the essential qualities of mountain and rock.


Between working on big canvases, I engage in bead play, creating free-form beaded pendants and necklaces. I suppose this is a combination of Coyote spirit and the qualities of stone.

Recently I’ve been collaborating with Karen Tornow, a textile artist. I paint fabric, and she uses it in her original designs. I love our creative synergy.